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Rosenau Park

Plan of the park / tour

External link to the plan of Rosenau Park

Plan of Rosenau Park plus legend

Tour of the park

To get larger pictures and more information please click on the photos. The numbers correspond to those in the plan of the park.


Link to the former stables

Visitors’ centre with cash desk
and museum shop (2)


Link to the Lion Fountain in the service building complex

Service buildings with
Lion Fountain (3)


Link to the terrace by the palace

Terrace by the palace (4)

Link to the lawn with ruins

Lawn with ruins (5)


Link to the Hermitage

Hermitage (former ice cellar, 6)


Link to the Itz waterfall

Itz waterfall (7)

Link to the rock grotto

Rock grotto (8)


Link to the sundial

Sundial (9)


Link to the Swan Pond

Swan Pond (10)

Link to the historical stone benches

Historical stone benches (11)


Link to the Cavalier’s House, view from the southeast

Cavalier’s House (12)


Link to the park restaurant

Park restaurant (13)

Link to the Gardener’s House

Gardener’s House (14)


Link to the orangery and kitchen garden

Orangery and kitchen garden


Link to the European Museum of Modern Glass

European Museum of Modern Glass (16)

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